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Drew University Chapter

The American Association of University Professors was founded in 1915 to defend academic freedom and tenure, advocate collegial governance, and develop policies ensuring due process. Today AAUP continues in this work, striving to bring together members of the faculty, the administration, and the general public who are concerned about the integrity, scholarship, and collegiality of universities and colleges throughout the United States.

The Drew chapter of AAUP has served the campus for more than fifty years. Today it is the professional organization for full-time and part-time faculty in the College of Liberal Arts, the Theological School, the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, and the Library. In order for us to have a functional Chapter that serves your needs, your participation is essential. Please go to the Membership page for an application form. You can find a link to the Constitution of AAUP on our Constitution page, as well as the Constitution and By Laws of the Drew Chapter. To learn more about AAUP in general, including its history, mission, and position on specific issues, visit the National AAUP Site. AAUP items of interest or concern, both locally and nationally, will be found on the News page and also in the AAUP publication the Advocate.  Most important, we need to see you at meetings, which will be announced via email and also via the Meetings page. If you miss a meeting, have questions about AAUP or issues we are addressing at Drew, or would like to know more about the Drew chapter of AAUP, please contact any of the Officers or email us at

The Drew University Chapter of AAUP is a member of the New Jersey State Conference of the AAUP, which provides a number of Services to local AAUP Chapters and lobbies state and national government on our behalf.