Drew AAUP Chapter Membership

We all know that an organization is only as strong as its members, but in the case of AAUP a strong and representative membership is especially important.  AAUP was formed to respond to the needs of faculty, so if not all faculty join, we can’t respond to all of your needs because we don’t know them!There are two ways to join AAUP. 
(1) Pay directly to national AAUP once each year. The easiest way is to use the online membership form at AAUP’s web site. Dues are listed beside the form. Chapter dues are $5 annually. If you choose the integrated option, national AAUP returns $5 to us each year. If you choose the basic, you will be notified each year when to pay your chapter dues locally.

If you decide to pay directly to national, please notify us so that you are joining so she can add your name to the chapter membership list.

 (2) Payroll deduction.You can find a copy of the authorization form in the AAUP public folder at:  Network Neighborhood\Janus\depts\aaup\payroll_deduction_form.wpd.

A memo on membership categories is also in that  folder.

  • Please return the completed and signed form to will turn it into Payroll and the national AAUP office.

Chapter dues 
of $5 are deducted by Payroll once a year, usually in January

National Dues 
$155 Full-Time ($12.92/month)
$ 117 Associate & Public ($9.75/month)
$ 78 Entrant, Joint, and Retired ($6.50/month)
$ 39 Part-Time & Graduate

Integrated Conference Dues (Optional)

If you’d like us to send you any of these forms in hard copy or have a question about membership, dues, or your membership category, please contact one of the officers, or the membership chair for your division.