Board of Trustees

Volunteers listed in this report served between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.


Mr. John H. Crawford III T’65 Chair (2008–2012)
Mr. Dean T. Criares C’85 Chair (2012–present)
Mr. William M. Freeman C’74 Vice Chair
Mr. Hugh A. D’Andrade Secretary
Dr. Vivian A. Bull University President


Dr. Marilyn B. Callander G’85, G’87, A’14
Mr. Frank J. Carnabuci III C’73
Mr. William E. Clark C’91
Mr. C. Rory Corrigan C’72
Mr. Edward B. Deutsch
Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar G’84, G’87
Mr. Derek DiRisio
Dr. Donald L. Drakeman
The Rev. Dr. D. Stuart Dunnan
The Rev. Robert W. Edgar T’68
Mr. J. Anthony Ehinger C’80
Ms. Emilia A. Fabricant C’88
Ms. Michele E. Fabrizio C’73
Ms. Gayle E. Fitzpatrick
Mr. Fredrick Fuest C’68, P’02, P’08
The Honorable Jordan M. Glatt C’84
Mr. Gates H. Hawn
Bishop Peggy A. Johnson
Mr. William T. Knox IV P’96
Mr. William W. Landis III C’85
Dr. Hwain C. Lee T’99
Mr. Kevin H. Marino C’80
Bishop Martin McLee
Mrs. Betsy S. Michel
Mr. Edward A. Moed C’89
Mr. Lawrence G. Morris C’94
Mr. Jeffrey B. Noss C’75
Ms. Laura B. Overdeck
Bishop Jeremiah J. Park T’79, T’90
Dr. Jane Rainis G’86, G’12
Bishop John R. Schol
Ms. Suzanne Mertz Spero C’91
The Honorable Gary S. Stein
Mr. Steven A. Tasher
Ms. Jennifer G. Velez C’87
The Rev. Pauline Wardell-Sankoh T’97

Trustees Emeriti

Mr. Lewis D. Andrews Jr. C’68
Mr. C.W. Carson Jr.
Dr. Barbara M. Caspersen G’83, G’86, G’90
Mr. Raymond G. Chambers
Mr. John H. Evans
Mr. Philip H. Haselton Sr.
Mrs. Barbara T. Howell
Bishop Ernest S. Lyght T’68
Dr. Elizabeth H. Marsh G’83, G’90, G’91
Mr. Heath B. McLendon
Mr. Champ Meyercord
Mr. Eugene I. Meyers P’88, P’90
Mr. Henry G. Parker III
Ms. Nancy W. Priest C’83, P’86
Mr. Donald E. Procknow
Mr. B.P. Russell
Mrs. Nancy S. Schaenen
The Rev. Dr. Robert D. Simpson C’45, T’48, T’54
The Rev. Dr. Charles H. Straut Jr. C’58, T’62, T’77, P’81, P’84, P’91
Ms. Mary A. Stringfield C’70
Dr. Shirley Sugerman G’70
Mr. Ross E. Traphagen Jr.
The Rev. Dr. Edward J. Wynne Jr. T’62
Mrs. Jeanne T. Zenker


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